This has been one of my life long learnings, struggles, and a challenge that I still face every day. What is energy? How do you focus? Where do you focus? How can I focus when everything is (seemingly) going wrong? How do you tap into it on cue? How can you do it with ease and grace? How to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want?

It is manifestly obvious that thoughts become things.

If you think of an architect, they create a plan or a drawing for a building that is then turned into a physical building. We live in a world where thoughts become things. The human imagination is creative: it creates reality, which is why it’s so important to learn to focus this creative energy.

We create our reality.

I could go into an articulate and verbose explanation about this topic, but there is no point to that approach: it’s simple, but it’s not easy, and there is a difference between knowing something and doing something. I don't want to bore you with a whole bunch of intellectual rhetoric on the law of attraction, manifesting and quantum physics etc. so I’ll do that another time for those few who care :0)

Instead, I’ll tell you a story about the power of the mind and how focus does not discriminate between positive and negative outcomes

I think that I learnt the Law of Attraction through manifesting very strong things in--and focusing my energy on--the negative. I did gymnastics when I was young, and I was fairly good at it too. When I was in the right head space, that is. And when I wasn't, I would sabotage my own efforts with frightening potency.

One day my gymnastics coach said to me, “Christy, you’re doing so well that you need to skip the next level and go up to the level after!’’ With this promotion, everyone at school started anticipating

my immanent great success

at the next big inter school gymnastic competition. However, in my mind I hadn't had enough time to prepare myself to compete at this new level, and I became worried that the whole school would find out that I’m not a star at all, that I actually suck at gymnastics, and that I’m a big fraud.

On the day of the competition, I was doing my warm-up on each apparatus. I was in the flow and it was all going beautifully: my back flip summersaults were amazing; my warm up on bars was awesome; and my tumbles were graceful.

I had evidently tapped into my authentic power and focus, and rather than riding this high with ease and grace, the whole thing scared the holy bejeezus out of me!

All I could think was that I can’t trust this, it won’t work out, and that I have to get myself out of this comp. I started focussing on getting out of the comp because I had such fear of success… or failure… it’s hard to say which one it is sometimes.

After putting myself through, what I now understand, was a self-hypnosis, I did a perfect dismount off the bars. However, as I had intended, there was a big enough gap between the two crash mats that when my ankle landed in it, it got severely fractured. I heard the most massive crack, and it was a lightning bolt moment: I was going to be out of the rest of the competition! In that moment I couldn't have been happier about it: I had got the outcome I had focussed on and intended.

It was a very painful but very successful manifestation in the negative.

When I went back to school with my cast, I was still the gymnastic star: I had achieved my desired outcome of getting out of the competition while saving face with my peers, but it came at the cost of breaking my leg for it! That day I learnt how powerful the mind can be. But I hadn't realised the cost of sabotaging the situations where I was truly connected to my authentic power and focus, because I didn't understand or trust that energy.

I’ve reflected on that day often as I got older. I believe it’s the reason I decided to find a way to focus that power in ways and directions that didn't involve breaking any limbs.

I realised that if I could transfer that focus and commitment to something positive I could start reaching my true potential.

One of my mentors once said to me ‘’Christy, you have so much energy, and you vibrate at a very high frequency! These can be a force for good in your life, or they can be a force for chaos. Your energy is like a rubber ball that will bounce off every wall in a room with high velocity and with absolutely no direction. What you need to do is focus that energy and bounce down a hall way towards a positive outcome’’.

With a bang I had a lightning moment that turned into an enlightening moment, and I knew that I needed to learn how to focus my energies.

As you’ve read in my previous blogs, I became a success coach at a young age. In the first seminar I was helping to facilitate I had to break a board with my bare hands, just like martial artists do in movies and demonstrations of will power! I had clients in the room and I was one of the coaches who was meant to stand up as examples of success and success coaching. I’m guessing that I probably hit that board 50 times, and I just couldn’t break it. I had absolutely no focus and I was so scared of failing. I was focussed on failing, and of course failed.

Much later I learned that there is never failure, just learning.

After that day I went on a journey inward to learn how to create the proverbial hallway to bounce my rubber ball of energy down. I wanted to focus my energy in the direction of where I wanted to go, like a laser beam and with total commitment. So one day at a time I kept turning inward to increase my internal frame of reference of what focus and commitment are, and I kept deepening and strengthening that call to find my true authentic power. The call was loud and insistent. My soul was saying it had experienced enough pain and it was time for me to use this gift for the greater good of myself and others.

What you focus on is what you get.

So I trained myself. There’s this thing I learned, in some seminar at some time, about the amount of power in each of the four levels of human experience, and it looks something like this:

Spiritual – 90% of your power lies here

Emotional – 5% of your power lies here

Intellectual – 4% of your power lies here

Physical – only 1% of your power lies here

So what this means is that when I was trying to break that board I was trying to break it with 1% of my physical power; I’d lost most of my 4% of intellectual power through doubt and most of my 5% of emotional power through fear: I lost my resources intellectually and emotionally like a deer in headlights. But I had no idea that I still had 90% of power available to me that would have made me unstoppable. I hadn't learnt that this is where true power lies, and that this power is infinite. I’ll write another post about Finding Your Authentic Power in (Seemingly) Powerless Situations.

All successful people, whether they are sports people or business people, have a process that they take themselves through before they go into the game/ race/ business meeting.

This is a process of putting themselves in the right state to achieve the desired outcome. Anthony Robbins talks about being ‘’in state’’, which encompasses your language, physiology and belief system. You need to prepare yourself for success through positive, empowering language, positive empowering physical alignment/ stature and positive empowering belief systems. For example, before entering a golf tournament, Tiger Woods would always work his way through the course hole by hole, imagining and visualizing how he would play each swing and win.

So finally, through being mentored, training, learning, succeeding and running seminars and taking people through board breaks, fire walks, arrow snaps and more, I became an expert at laser focussing my energy. I was finally able to transfer my focus, commitment and power to a successful outcome. I also became an expert at teaching other people how to achieve this focus, commitment and power.

I discovered that it takes an energetic shift to tap into that space where 90% of power lies waiting for you.

A short clip from the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) demonstrates this energetic shift beautifully:

Now, this energy, this focus, isn't aggressive and you can't force it.

You have to be in the right space, in the right state of mind, to be able to experience authentic power. Authentic power is found through love, and is gentle, soft, and beautiful. It resides in loving yourself enough to find your authentic power. Authentic power is the ability to maintain your position in the space you're in, no matter what that space is.

So finding your authentic power and focus is about finding inner peace in the midst of a tsunami.

No matter how powerless you feel, you can connect to this field and this authentic power. You can learn to maintain your position in space regardless of the circumstances. I've created a meditation that will help you understand this. All you need to do is get yourself out of your way and allow yourself to connect to your inner guidance. Once you've cultivated this ability to connect to your authentic power, everything else will happen with ease and grace. The only catch is that you’ve got to remember to do it!

This meditation will pack a metaphysical punch so use it regularly, even each day, until you know how to do it yourself.




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    • Christy

      Hope you enjoyed this post I would love to hear what you are thinking, feeling and learning. It has little to do with what is said here or in the meditation, what’s more important is what you are thinking and feeling whilst going through it. I’m here to answer any questions or to reply back 🙂

      Love Christy

      Ps. Thank you for sending me private messages and questions!! Please put your comments here so you and I can help others at the same time… we are all in this together XX

    • Lisa

      I have an important meeting tomorrow I really needed this today thank you.

    • elizableth

      Great blog great meditations really enjoying them. I have participated in many seminars with you about 10 years ago, you helped me completely changed my life. I am looking forward to participating in your seminars in the future
      Thank You Christy

      • Christy

        That’s amazing to hear, and I’m so appreciative of your kind words! Xx

    • Kay

      I like how you mixed all the different bits of video, meditation and facts! 🙂

      • Christy

        I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the mix! I call it edutainment 🙂

    • Monique

      Hey Christy, Wow, great meditation. It really hit home for me. Enjoyed it immensely!

    • creighton

      I did this meditation this morning and it has totally worked before you even mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to sit still I was already bouncing in my chair feeling awesome Thank you

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