The inspiration you seek is already within you.

Be silent and listen.


Shine like the Universe is yours.


You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


Spirit Rebels Tribe


Spirit Rebel Tribe is an empowering movement of heart-focused people who believe that we can make the world a better place and

We value the sustainable development goals tend to be a raising ESP environmental social and personal consciousness and there are many truths that are a vaild view towards life.

Non-denominational peaceful tribe, All religions, sexual preferences or if you don’t believe in anything at all that is ok, it helps to believe in you. Everyone needs a tribe and a place to belong.

Human potential boosting events worldwide online and live and spiritual life-enhancing products sustainably source produced. All delivered to your door or to your phone and your city.

How to get unstuck and get back on track in 7 days. Register for this free 4 part video coaching series.

Learn empowering life and spiritual hacks creating immediate inner peace.

We are delivering the latest techniques support information and life changing transformation to your mobile phone, tablet or computer, yu will feel so love dand supported withoit having to leave your house.

Imagine being finacially free doing what you love, pinching yourself to check its not a dream.

Being spiritual and having to be poor is an abundance block, you can make money doing what you love and have it be for the greater good of humanity. The more money you make the more people you can help so learning the abundance and prosperity consciousness is crucial to your spiritual development.

Spirit Rebels Retreats

This is not a luxury in life but a necessity as part of your spiritual or healthy human practise. Timeout to clear your head and connect back to your heart creating much-needed space to listen to the whispers of our intuition & your higher wiser self. The formula is simple and it works.

March 2018 Apply Now

Become a Spiritual Coach

Level 1 practitioner training

This is an exclusive process Over the years you have been asking for this process it is available to the wider public now you must apply.

You can apply this training this spiritual coach accreditation to enhance your current position, improve your understanding of spiritual psychology

If you feel called to do this work,  guiding people through the extraordinary and the ordinary experiences of life. This training is comprehensive level 1 training and level 2 takes two years and advanced practitioner training is by invitation only and you will be offered to come and work with Metaphysics institute and Christy. Prior learning is acknowledged.

request a phone call with christy click here to fill in your application

18 June – 25 June 2018

Winter Solstice Retreat

Winter is magical time be grounded and connected unwind Byron bay is quiet and you really get to sink into the magic of this incredible part of Australia.  Personally, it is my favourite time to run retreats in Byron Bay. It is a magical place any time of the year especially winter solstice.

Please join us you can reserve your retreat space now. This retreat is limited to participants also the pre-retreat program starts 1 month prior. We have clients flowing in from around the world for this retreat.

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Be the light to your own self. Be prepared to take a powerful journey towards a positive personal transformation.


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Be the guiding light for others & unleash the strength within. Learn what it takes to be a speaker & share that wisdom of yours. Be heard.


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Learn from others and be able to share what you’ve got. Get to know more about our events & retreats. Join us in a spiritual journey.


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