Join me for 7 transformative days at a Luxury private location in Byron Bay hinterland

January  10th-17th  2018

Make 2018 the Year Everything Regenerates

Imagine starting 2018 as the best version of you. Imagine you were able to keep all your memories, lessons and experiences… but you were able to clean, release and purify your energy, your emotions and your soul.

Imagine finally being able to let go of all the baggage (conscious and subconscious) that’s been holding you back. The stuff that you can’t quite put a finger on, but you know is there.

Only 5 Retreat Spaces Left!

is it yours?

Only 14 participants will be invited to attend.

Will you be one of them?

You Have the Power to Consciously Create Any Style of Life You Want

Let’s design the life and spiritual practice that will give you the deepest joy and greatest sense of purpose.

Life is good… but you know it could be so much more 

Is there something missing in your life – something your soul yearns for?

Maybe you’re hoping to reignite the passion for your business or career – or break through the barriers that have been holding you back from reaching even higher levels of inner peace, prosperity and abundance.

Maybe you’re feeling called to steer your life in a completely new direction – but aren’t sure how to proceed, and feel like you’re not getting the support you need from the people around you.

Life is good… but you know it could be so much more

Maybe you hunger for more freedombalance, and love in your life – or maybe you’re searching for deeper purpose and meaning.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, We can help you find it.

This is your most exclusive opportunity to work with me.

Are you ready to step into greatness?

During this powerful Seven-day experience, I will personally walk you through creating a new “An Illuminating life plan” — one that delivers the excitement, fulfilment and deep spiritual meaning you’ve been craving.

You’ll learn how to align your Values purpose and your goals… launch yourself toward taking effortless and massive action… and create conscious results guided by your soul, tangible results and noticeable energetic shifts.

Our expert partitioner tribe will each give you personal input on your intention and vision for 2018 – something you just can’t get in a large-group setting.

Imagine how valuable it will be to tap into my decades of experience and all of the lessons I’ve learned while coaching facilitating and training thousands of people, building a multimillion-dollar empire, training some of the best coaches and healers we have in Australia and around the world today, appearing in worldwide media, consulting with the top brands in the world, and coaching thousands of premier clients across a variety of industries.

But success isn’t about career accomplishments and making lots of money…

You’ll also learn to create balance among all areas of your life: work, family, adventure, personal and spiritual growth, and more.

This is a holistic approach to full life transformation spiritual and tangible accolades.

This can be the year that you take your life in a new direction and become the aligned heart filled soul you were always meant to be.

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION – and get the expert personal guidance and spiritual Life support you need to fulfil your true potential and create the outstanding life you were always meant to live.

Does this sound like something you would say? …

I have big plans and ambitious – but can never find the time or energy to make them a reality

I know who I’m meant to be – I just don’t have the road map to get there.

The spark has gone out of my career – I feel like I’m meant to be doing something else.

Sure, I’m successful – but lately I’ve been asking myself, ‘Am I really happy?

I know I’m meant to make a bigger positive impact on the world – but I’m not sure how to make it happen.

I need the expertise and support of other high-achievers who will catapult me forward.

Get world class One-On-One Mentoring Coaching healing and guidance from People Who Have Walked this Path Before You

Join me and our spiritual teacher’s, healers and coaches, on a powerful 7-day retreat that will have game-changing consequences for your entire life.

You and an intimate group of 14, will have exclusive & nearly unlimited access to the soul-inspired teaching, Unbeatable Guidance and Understanding.

We will be your personal confidants on your holistic, genius collaborative journey & entire life transformation.  Uncover your deepest desires and create your soul’s blueprint that will ultimately lead you to achieve your biggest goals and enjoy a life of boundless joy, prosperity and living your soul’s true purpose.   We will personally walk you through the process.  We have walked this path before you and deeply understand where you are – and can help you overcome common challenges as you launch yourself to a much higher level of awareness in your professional and personal life.

Because of the group’s intimate size, we can help you go deeper and farther in manifesting your Crystal clear intention and Authentic purpose in life.

Best of all, you’ll complete this transformative work in a luxury hideaway in the Byron Bay Hinterland!

It’s the biggest leap you can take
toward the greatness you have always been destined for.

Here‘s What You’ll experience During this Powerful Seven-Day Retreat

Get clear on your soul’s purpose - and align your goals with your deepest passions

Learn how to create balance and find boundless joy in all areas of your life

Step into your full power - and start playing at a mugh higher level than ever before

Create a step-by-step plan to achieve your most ambitious goals and dreams

Get personal insight and feedback on your plans (impossible to do in a large group setting)

Master the art of execution …and shatter the limitations that have been holding you back

My goal is to give you the tools to acquire
literally anything you want for yourself.

Be one of the 14 applicants invited to attend


“Christy is one of the most talented, experienced, intuitive people I’ve ever known.  People with her gifts are tough to find. I created huge shifts in my life and christy encouraged me to push through to receive the best things life has to offer.  She has been there for me some tough times, helped me find my way out of the darkest darkness. Guided me to recognise my inner light, hope and happiness. When I honestly was done and didn’t think those things could exsist anymore. I had tried everything to break the limitations that were strangling my life. I was in a job I hated I wanted to end my life and had given up. Now I am working part time doing what I love taking care of my children and have set up two small business growing businesses. I have the freedom to spend time with my children, and my heart is opening up to find love.”

– Entrepreneur mother of 2 QLD

“I have known and worked with Christy for over 15 years and she is a dynamic, enthusiastic and charismatic teacher and presenter. She is a person who works from her heart and has helped to coach and transform the lives of thousands of people.”

– Michael Adamedes

“Christy was a catalyst to my journey into personal development. Becuase of her seminars and coaching I have earned the life I always wished for. A wonderful husband. Beautiful daughter…successful multi million dollar business and a life of meaning and purpose. Thank you for the gift of your wisdom, guidance and love for people.
Your courses and seminars were my biggest investment and risk yet it has paid back ten folds in experiences, people, financially and my knowledge of overcoming anything and manifesting everything I’ve ever wanted.”

– CEO Multimillionaire mother and wife.

“I first met Christy in 2005, what an inspiring, loving, Real, woman with so much heart and intuition. Full of integrity, care and someone you definitely want in your corner. Christy is not afraid to go to the places we need to go to be able to move forward. Hearing her story helped me be accepting of my own journey and enabled the belief in myself to go on and become a Psychotherapist. I’m proud and honoured to know Christy and call her a friend and colleague.”

– Psychotherapist and family consultant Sydney

“Christy is a force of nature. She is brilliant, inspirational and has a vision for not only her future but the future of the world that is game-changing. Christy works from a heart centred calling and has a unique ability to facilitate long-lasting transitions for her clients. She is deeply knowledgeable, incredibly experienced and passionate beyond words. Christy has helped me see what is possible and show me that I have the strength and ability to follow my heart’s desires, with courage and confidence.”

– S.Lovel

Here’s how our time together will look like..

What is included when you purchase your retreat ticket.

7 nights Luxury accommodation twin share or have a room to yourself

Organic cleansing and nutrient-packed meals, snacks and juices

Pre-retreat + post-retreat one on one session with Christy for 1.5 hours each

Personal naturopathic session for 1.5 hours with products for you to take during the retreat tailored to you

Amazing venue - altitude 261 Byron Bay hinterland with personal attention and access to the retreat facilitators

Organised transformational process and excursions

12 months follow up with online support from Christy and as your Life & spiritual coach

Retreat workbook retreat materials

Lots of bliss & love, retreat extras that we want to keep a secret until you get there.

An example day without giving too much away…

6.00 am Yoga and Meditation

7.00 am Fresh Organic Breakfast

8.00 am Group YING/YANG Sessions each day we are clearing your energetic system.

9.00 am More time to get your questions answered with your facilitators

10.00 am Fresh Organic Morning tea

10.30 am Group Transformational unique sessions ( tailored to you & this retreat)

12.00 Fresh Organic Lunch

1.00 pm Dream Time ( spend the rest of the day relaxing, having private sessions, massages, etc)

3.00 pm Afternoon tea

6.00 pm Fresh Organic Dinner and Deserts

7.00 pm Campfire ceremony (guitar, singing, chanting, drumming, talking and sharing)

8.00 pm Back to your room – time to yourself

10.00 pm Lights Out

Vegan, Vegetarian &/or Seafood Meals/Snacks/Juices/Tonics Provided. The pace is up to you, we will work out a tailored plan.

Some of the Transformation Sessions and activities include…

Processes and techniques to help you clear your energetic system, we will focus on 1 of the seven energy centres each day

Daily Yoga & Sunrise Meditation, Group Transformation Sessions & Suntara Sounds Water rebirth & Beach Yoga

Water rebirth & Beach Yoga

Breathwork and rebirthing being supported by your retreat buddy and the facilitators

Mandala painting art and vision board creation working on this each day (where you will infuse your mandala or artwork with your personal vision and 7-year plan)

Rainforest Walks

Spirit plan (Here you’ll develop a tangible implementation plan to ensure you feel healthier, happier and aligned with your authentic truth into the future)

One on one conversation and clearing sessions with christy and the team throughout the day, or in the group setting.

Camp Fire ceremonies each night

Ancient and modern healing and shamanic processes throughout the entire week

Be relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired

Be relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired

Feel clearer and be able to concentrate and focus on what really matters to you

Open your heart feel a deeper sense of love for your self

Any old negative emotions or patterns will be gone.

Feel a deep sense of belonging, very grounded and connected to nature

Acknowledging your emotions feeling supported and deeply cared for

Awakening and aligning with your authentic soul purpose

Releasing the hereditary passed down, baggage that may have been holding you back

Complete bliss and oneness with a tangible plan

Manifesting miracles and changing your perception

It’s NOT “all emotional and clearing and no play”…

In addition to our powerful sound clearing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, personal questions and clearing, clarifying and planning sessions, there will also be plenty of opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy yourself.

We’ll also go on a few surprise excursions! letting you experience the bliss and beaches that Byron Bay has to offer including a journey to Crystal castle and the sacred tea tree lakes.

It’s NOT “all emotional and clearing and no play”…

It‘s unlike any event you’ve experienced with me before…

I’ve specifically designed the agenda to allow time for connection and one-on-one work with me.

Whether we’re in one of our daily mastermind sessions, eating lunch or relaxing in the pool, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas off our expert team or get my help in shifting the things that are standing between you and your ultimate life. We are here for you.


The first half of the day is active, then after 1 pm its dream time where you can have a massage or a private session or just relax its up to you, do as much or as little in the afternoon as you like.

Mastermind Sessions

Powerful healing and enlightening group sessions, both spiritual and also very tangible. Grounded you will have spiritual life values, goals and purpose road map.


You will meet people during this retreat and will become friends for life or maybe meet your future partner, the universe never makes mistakes . You will bond in a spiritual way that will last a life time.


You’ll enjoy plenty of relaxation time. Growth, expansion, and insights don’t occur only during official work sessions! You’ll have ample time to hang out at the amazing pool, overlooking the Byron Hinterland mountains and ocean, reflect or meditate in the resort’s lush gardens, or just kick back in a lounge chair to do some planning or journaling.

I have big plans and ambitious – but can never find the time or energy to make them a reality

I know who I’m meant to be – I just don’t have the road map to get there.

Did I mention we’ll be staying at one of the most incredible high energy luxury properties in Byron Hinterland?

I’m hosting this private retreat at one of the most incredible property: this private property in the lush hills overlooking the dazzling ocean off Byron Bay, surrounded by national parkland, escarpment and rainforest.  The perfect place to forget it all and just enjoy the peacefulness of a mountain setting.

Here’s where we’ll be doing our transformative work:

Spirit Rebels Welcomes You

Here’s your chance to add more joy, balance,
and magical moments to your life

I choose luxurious, beautiful, and inspiring locations for my retreats for three reasons:



To connect with your soul’s deepest purpose and do the intense work of birthing your new life, it’s essential that you be in a state of calm and relaxation.

You need to create space and quiet to get in touch with your inner wisdom and feel truly cared for. Our luxury setting will fulfill this need far better than a sterile, crowded hotel ever could.

To help you release any tension or stress you might be feeling, we’ve arranged for the group to have a fun afternoon off with a surprise excursion that will give us some time to relax and play in this gorgeous region.

I want to make sure you have time to truly enjoy the inspiring environment and seize every opportunity to pamper yourself and take in our surroundings.


You will receive positive energy, empowerment and spiritual nourishment.  With all this and more designed to support you and provide you with balance and harmony.  Pamper your Mind, Body & Soul with our healings & meditation to create a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation …… everything you need!

We will educate you to nourish your body, manage your mind and enlighten your soul!



Sometimes you just gotta have fun.  You must make time to have Fun.  Playtime is crucial whether you’re  a child or an adult.

We are a fun group of people and with this retreat, we will support you through play.  Your body, mind & soul will be completely energised.

Seven enlightening days in the nurturing environment of other high achievers, game changers and pioneers surrounded by positive energy. There is a sense of magic about this sacred space.

My private retreats attract an extremely high caliber of attendees.

These are people who are already successful and willing to take serious leaps in their careers, their personal lives, and the contributions they’re making in the world.

They’re the courageous few who dare to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavor to create the life of their dreams.

When you surround yourself with such motivated, energized, spiritually charged people, you tap into the power of the group and become more energized and powerful yourself.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the support and encouragement of such incredible people!

And then there’s us – YOUR HOSTS

Christy Andronicus

Christy’s career spans over 20 years as a Personal and Spiritual Development seminar facilitator and Life coach.

Having personally trained some of the best personal development industry leaders in Australia today, she has also coached, counselled & consulted over 5,000 clients one on one, facilitated another 75,000 seminar & workshop participants and a further 500+ life, spiritual and business coaches.

Christy’s life experience, education and wisdom beyond her years combined with all the latest techniques and strategies has helped people make life changing breakthroughs … Christy is the go to spiritual and life coach for the type of clients that prefer to remain anonymous.

Her research has found the most effective ways to connect to your highest self and really shift clients and her own challenges from an energetic level.  This has been her lifelong quest, which she continues to share everything she has learned to Connect to Your Higher Self, Quickly, Effortlessly, Profoundly.  Helping each other reach life changing epiphanies, turning dreams into goals and making them reality.

For Christy, making a difference has always been her driving force and raising money for various charities, including over 800,000.00 for the Make a Wish foundation with the company she co founded – Success & You.

As a life coach and training powerhouse, Christy is being guided and intuitively creating massive tangible results, helping people clear emotional and health issues that have been impossible to clear before.

Today Christy runs her own retreats, personalised programs and workshops through Spirit Rebels with professional pathways through the company she founded Spiritual Coach Institute.  This will equip coaches as Industry leaders through her signature transpersonal psychology and spiritual coach practitioner training, crafted and developed over decades working as a leader and expert in her field.  Being on a retreat with Christy or being trained as a spiritual coach is the best way to get time with her.

A Trained master practitioner in  NLP, TLT HYPO, Shamanic practices from various indigenous cultures, Rebirthing, meditation, counselling, kinesiology, bush flower essences, aromatherapy and hands on healing techniques…. If it helps people heal or clear and issue christy knows how to do it…

Christy is a very funny, spirit rebel with a big heart and doesn’t take herself too seriously yet is very serious about the work and making the world a better place.  She knows how to get results, having grown many successful multimillion dollar businesses and with her innate ability to be able to get to the root cause of what is holding you back from the life you deserve. See her featured in all types of media with a growing tribe of amazing people that she loves to connect with on social media.

Daniel Coates – Suntara sound clearing

Daniel Coates – Suntara sound clearing

Hi my name is Daniel Coates, I am “Suntara”. It is nice to meet you.  I want to tell you a story about Sound Healing.  It is a love story.

“Suntara” means “Bringing light to the Earth” and that is always my intention with my Sound Healing and Music.

In 2006 I was living in London and working in an office doing I.T.  I was catching the “Tube” to work and counting the hours till the end of the day.  My music wanted to come out and the anxiety I felt going to work everyday was my music’s cry from within to be released into the world.

That same year I reconnected with an old friend called Alexander Massey who was an Opera singer and Shaman.  Alexander was doing something called “Dreamsounding” where he would get groups of people together and sing over there bodies with his resonant opera voice.  I went for a session and was blown away.  I experienced a major shift, unblocking of energy and a huge reduction in my stress levels.

Later in 2006 I went to the Findhorn Foundation for experience week.  It was there I meet a beautiful young woman from Venezuela called Rosarmy.  We had a real connection and spent the week getting to know each other.  It was really amazing but my mind was saying “You are going back to Australia, she’s from Venezuela, forget about it”. So I did forget about it.  The week ended and we went our seperate ways.

2 1/2 months passed and I hadn’t called her.  I was adamant that it wasn’t to be because I was leaving and well, she was too good for me anyway, my mind said.

Then one day, I went to Oxford to see Alexander for a 1 on 1 “Dreamsounding” session.  Alexander chanted over my body for an hour or so.  I left his house and went to Oxford train station to return to London.  Whilst on the platform, I pulled out my phone and I called her…

We have been together ever since. Nearly 11 years and have twin 7 year olds. Sound Healing got me out of my head and into my heart for long enough to call my future wife.

If it wasn’t for Sound Healing we may not have ever got married.

That is the power of sound.  It stills the mind so the heart can speak.  It clears energy blocks to that the body can heal. It creates space in the being where before there was stress and clutter.

That is why I do what I do. Because it changed my life and I hope it changes yours too in some way.

Suntara’s Sound Healing journey is a unique experience of the power of sound vibration. Suntara create powerful soundscapes to unblock energy and vibrate your body into a state of well-being and harmony.

People report various effects from the session including, complete relaxation, feeling “Clear”, reduced pain & stress, restful sleep for the nights after, Altered states of consciousness, Balancing of Chakras/Energy, Clarity / Resolution of difficult situations.

Daniel Coates uses his powerful voice to deliver chants inspired by variety of ancient traditions such as Australian Aboriginal, American Indian, Celtic and various styles of harmonic singing. Crystal Bowls, Gasong Drums, Andean flutes and other instruments are integral to the experience.

Suntara have performed and run workshops at Mind Body Spirit Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Conscious Music Festival, Heartspace Festival and recently opened for “Sacred Earth” at their Sydney album launch.

Meet our amazing TRIBE of guest mentors

Rebecca Rath

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. -John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)”

I live on a vineyard with my family in the Hunter Valley, Australia. My work is constantly inspired by my ever-changing landscape. In my painting practice I often paint in my ‘backyard’ and in the Impressionist style of en plein air. I feel there’s a connection between man and nature, always present yet often unseen. My purpose is to create an awareness of this connection.

Unique in style, yet reminiscent of the works of Turner, Constable, Streeton and inspired by writers such as , Basho and Muir, my aim is not just to show a ‘pretty picture’, but to create a specific experience in the viewer.

If my paintings are often dramatic or foreboding, just the way the sky looks before or during a storm, it’s because I wish for the viewer to experience that same intensity I see.

I want the viewer to take a moment and reflect on our place within Nature. That we are all connected in an energetic, divine web.

Following a second artist-in-residence at the acclaimed La Macina di San Cresci, Tuscany, Italy, I exhibited my work at Gallery Belimage in Valangin, Switzerland. The beautiful and sometimes foreboding, that is present in these paintings, directs the viewer to contemplate Nature Sublime in all its facets.

I completed a Bachelor Fine Arts Honours at University of New South Wales. Further education has included Northern Sydney Technical College, a printmaking mentor-ship and many residencies. I have participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Europe, China and USA.

FB, Instagram, Twitter

Rosarmy Ramirez

Rosarmy Ramirez is the founder of “Loving Parenting”, a community whose mission is to inspire parents to connect deeply with their children at an emotional and spiritual level.

Loving Parenting serves to educate and support parents to establish and maintain this connection to allow them to understand their children’s unique needs and desires. It is through this understanding that parents can gain greater clarity and trust in themselves to be able to support their children to create their own life experience based on what they truly desire, with harmony and satisfaction.

Rosarmy has been working with street kids, orphans, abandoned and foster kids for more than 10 years. Her experiences caused her to ask many questions about the personal and spiritual development of our children and it’s impact on society.

When her own children were born, gradually and intuitively the answers to these questions started to reveal themselves. By being a deeply present, conscious and connected mother Rosarmy has gained a profound understanding of how a parents attitudes, beliefs, communication style and actions impact on their childs behavior and well-being.

“Loving Parenting” has grown to a community of 20,000 people on Facebook in a short amount of time showing how many parents are looking for this kind of information and connection. Rosarmy is deeply committed to this community and aims to reach the heart of many more parents and families through videos and talks on this critically important topic.

Past Participants Agree

This retreat will exceed your wildest expectations

Spirit rebels retreats and events are proudly sponsored by Spiritual coach Institute.

If you are drawn to do our spiritual coach practitioner training by participating in the retreat this adds to your office hours towards receiving your level 1 practitioner training accreditation.

when you register lets us know if you would like to learn more and receive a discount for purchasing your next program.

Not only will your life and spiritual psychology emotional & health be transformed – it will have an incredible ripple effect on the lives of everyone around you

Sound Healer Suntara returns home to Sydney! Join him for a Powerful sound Journey that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised. Thursday December 7th!

Posted by Suntara on Thursday, 19 October 2017

Only 14 Carefully Selected Participants May Attend

This intimate retreat is designed to give you plenty of one-on-one time with me, and so we need to keep the group size small – yet large enough to enable the masterminding that is such an essential part of the experience.

We’ll be looking closely at each registration to ensure the highest quality experience for all participants. Only those applicants who are willing to play full out and create change for themselves – and mutually benefit the group – will be accepted.

That’s why we ask you to fill out an application before registering. We’ll be looking closely at each application to ensure the highest quality experience for all participants. Only those applicants who are willing to play full out and create change for themselves – and mutually benefit the group – will be accepted.

I have dedicated my life to the courageous men and women who dare to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavor to create the life of their dreams.

So if you’re truly serious about living the life you want, doing good in the world, and leaving a positive legacy on this planet, I strongly encourage you to apply.

To Be Considered for this Opportunity,
You Must Meet 4 Critical Criteria:

You must agree to commit completely to the process for the 7 days no alcohol or smoking

immersing yourself in our processes, group sessions, transformation work and breakthrough discussions with me and my team.

You are commited to making a real shift in your life you for the greater good of you and for the greater good of humanity.

You must have a burning desire and persevere and to have people listen, read, follow and embrace your message or idea and spiritual practice and feeling good is now the now normal. You must want more for your own life but also wish to make an impact in the lives of others (even if it’s just your own family or personal network).

You must be open-minded and willing to learn and apply some very powerful — yet simple ideas

about building an exciting life, finding the passion necessary for making money, and creating a worldwide phenomenon. These strategies produce results quicker and are more non-traditional than any you’ve ever been taught in your life, so you must be open to new ways of thinking and unique ways of applying knowledge

You must be 100% committed to taking action we want you do be successful and this experience to work for you so you must be totally committed to

including putting into action strategies that have been perfected and refined to a razor-like sharpness by me, and the expert colleagues over 20 years of real-life implementation and millions of dollars worth of real-life experience. And results.

If you qualify to attend and agree to diligently dedicate yourself to the whole life transformation  I have in store for you,
I would love to welcome you to the January 2018 BYRON BAY Private Retreat.

The ultimate ongoing transformational program…

During the retreat, you’re going to experience some of the most amazing breakthroughs and life-changing insights ever…

…And I wanted to keep that momentum going, so you can continue dissolving illusions, live deeper in your truth and continue growing.

So, I’m also giving you, free of charge, a 12 Month spirit rebels private group Membership.

The Spirit rebels 2018 tribe  Membership is my personal coaching program where, each month, you’ll receive access to private webinars and coaching sessions with myself and my team.

This program will continue to energise you, keeping you on track when ‘life’ happens and giving you a powerful community to share and infuse you with pure energy.

The 12 Month Program is usually $995, but it’s yours free as part of this package.

This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to make your most ambitious dreams come true

The work we do together on this retreat in this sacred location will help you make the changes you need to live a life filled with inner peace, creativity, and a deeper sense of centred accomplishment. A purpose-driven heart focused pioneer with tangible results.

If you’ve shifted gears from a corporate job where you’ve spent the last 20 years of your career…

If you’ve recently taken early retirement to pursue your dream lifestyle…

If you’ve been thinking of winding down your business because it doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction it used to…

If you’re serious about wanting to make a big change in your life, whether it’s creating more balance, more free time, better relationships, more money, improved health or anything else…


If you’re ready to take action on your biggest dreams – and serious commitment to creating the remarkable life you’ve always known you were destined for – I encourage you to fill out the personal application form and apply to work with me and my team.

Send Your Application in Today

Complete the form below to download the Participant Application

  • Twin Share

  • AUD3,425.00 /per person
    •  7 Nights Package includes
    • Organic Foods & Snacks personal Chef on site
    • Essential Wellness Seminar health goals relationships emotional
    • Spiritual Health & Wellbeing Analysis
    • Access to Facilities & Activities

  • Room to Myself - Limited

  • AUD4,495.00 /per person
    •  7 Nights Package includes
    • Organic Foods & Snacks personal Chef on site
    • Essential Wellness Seminar health goals relationships emotional
    • Spiritual Health & Wellbeing Analysis
    • Access to Facilities & Activities

What Does “life-changing” Really Look Like?

Are you ready to take the leap and experience the same kind of life-changing results?

Questions? call my team they will organise a time for you and me to have a 30-minute conversation  0439011777
or email us at

Click on this link to arrange a time that suits both of us to have a conversation