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Personal and Spiritual Development seminar Facilitator and Life coach for over 20 years

What does it take to create breakthroughs in your life?
To live from a place of deep love, pure gratitude and profound inspiration? To wake up each morning feeling true happiness?

Welcome to Spiritrebels

Helping you connect to your higher self real and authentic self… Fast.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably attended all the seminars, read all the books and tried all the techniques.

…And while some, I’m sure, have been amazing, you still find yourself returning to the same old, frustrating patterns.

So what does it take to to make a profound shift? Where you shift energetically, consciously, spiritually? That has been my lifelong quest. To find the most effective ways.

For 18 years I personally coached, counselled and consulted some 4800 clients one on one. We had another 75,000 attend our seminars. And trained over 500 life and business coaches in the latest techniques and strategies for helping people make life changing breakthroughs. Through my previous company raised over 800,000.00 for the make a wish foundation.

Then in 2009 years ago, I stopped.

I watched as some of the those we’d coached had truly lasting breakthroughs… as if their personal demons had dissolved into the universe leaving nothing but pure light. Problems and challenges rolled off them like teflon.

While others would return to the same old patterns. Sure, their circumstances might have changed (different relationship, earning more money, whatever), but it was like they couldn’t fully release their old programming. It was there, always haunting them. While they smiled on the outside, there seemed to be a deep fear lurking. For them, happiness and love required effort, instead of simply being natural.

So I began analysing the results. And in every single case, I found one key denominator.

Would you like to know what made the difference?

I found those who had connected to their higher self had been able to truly transcend (end the trance) of whatever it was they were addressing.

You see, I believe we are all our own guru, our own coach, our own healer. Sure, it helps to have an external mirror (a coach, a book, an expert) to help us reach the state, but, it is ultimately you.

So I went on a journey.

A journey of discovery…

Searching for the most effective ways to connect to your highest self and really shift my clients and my own challenges from an energetic level.

I spoke to clients to see what had made the difference. I met with guru’s, experts in many different types of psychology, spiritual healers… and many others.

Spirit Rebels is the result of the last 6 years (and of course the 12 years before that)…

Spirit Rebels is a place where I’ll be sharing with you everything I’ve learned to Connect to Your Higher Self, Quickly, Effortlessly, Profoundly.

Spirit Rebels is a place where we can help each other reach life changing epiphanies. A melting pot of ideas, encouragement and inspiration for all of us to live our deepest truths.

Spirit Rebels is a place where you speak up, stand up and take action to be the change we want to see in the world. Raising your personal consciousness turning your dreams into goals and making them your reality.

Spirit Rebels is a tribe of people that care about the collective consciousness, the power of love combined with motivated, inspired, purpose focused lightworkers you are deeply passionate about building not just awareness but change in the world.  Environmental (our planet mother nature), Socially (every human we are one family)  and Personal consciousness. ESP consciousness R

Join Me On a Journey

I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey. A journey where you discover things about yourself you never imagined were possible. A journey where you will not only discover, but ‘live’ in your true power… cracking yourself open to a new level of understanding deep within your core. A journey where you will dissolve fears, illusions and belief patterns and reveal your true authentic self.

I won’t promise you success, financial gain, or the perfect relationship. This isn’t about goal setting, vision boards or getting ‘stuff’. that happens as an added bonus from being focused on something bigger than what we can get.

What I can promise you however, is that together we’ll transform the world.

What To Do Next

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some powerfully effective ways of connecting with your Higher Self and the Healing, Loving, Guiding Energy that is awaiting you.

About Christy Andronicus

Christy found her purpose and became a life coach 18 years ago. Co founded & grew one of australia’s largest personal development and life coach training companies. Raised 800k for the make a wish foundation. Christy’s real work has begun.

Become a Spiritual Coach

In 2001 Christy co created and wrote a life and business coaching course. Trained over 500 very successful coaches. Since 2010 christy has been creating a spiritual or transpersonal coaching training program.

Spirit Rebels Workshops

Spirit Rebels Tribe will raise your personal and our collective consciousness. The change will be huge it starts with you, within you, then radiates out. Together we are changing the world. Spirit Rebels workshops are going australia wide in 2017 let’s do this.

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