Christy’s Blog

This blog is specifically about being a business owner and a mother. In the photo above I am 6 mths pregnant with my now 2 year old boy enjoying dinner with my gorgeous daughters and family. I wouldn't presume to give universal parenting advice so these are reflections and learnings from my own experiences. This is very practical, sage stuff, and will perhaps seem “less spiritual” than my other posts, but trust me,

Mixing Business & Babies makes for really Rewarding Spiritual Growth!

This has been one of my life long learnings, struggles, and a challenge that I still face every day. What is energy? How do you focus? Where do you focus? How can I focus when everything is (seemingly) going wrong? How do you tap into it on cue? How can you do it with ease and grace? How to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want?

The most common question that comes up, and the one people ask for help with, is ''what's my purpose?'' Why do so many people want to know what their purpose is? Why are people so unhappy and frustrated by this feeling of not knowing what their purpose is? Why are people haunted by this a question of purpose, and what is this feeling of something missing, or just out of reach?