Your Invitation To Freedom!

12 Gateways to Realising Your Authentic Potential.

Your dynamic personal coaching tribe where you get access to Christy’s coaching sessions, her guidance and personal attention from anywhere in the world. Christy will help you remove abundance blocks & free the way for you to step into your authentic potential quickly.

Then over 12 months you will strengthen and deepen your experience a revolution of consciousness.

The transformation Movement is designed to have Christy guide you through a detailed blueprint for soul and heart centred coaching.

We have created a powerful online dynamic process that will deliver the results and the experience of being coached by Christy 1 on 1 or in a workshop. You don’t have to leave the house we are bringing it…to you.

Connect with your soul’s purpose to have that feeling of really coming home to what you have always known as your true purpose of being here!

Understand your values and your beliefs makes sure they are in alignment with your true purpose and clear out any negative blocks or hereditary patterns that are holding you back from creating your dream life.

Create personal strategies that ensure you are being guided by love rather than driven by fear creating your reality will be easier when you look into your soul and make sure the projection is that which is what you want to attract and receive.

A deep sense of belonging, acknowledgement of your feelings as a child and currently. Also to create brightness of the future. Three major keys to being a happy adult!

Learn how to be present, Be the observer be truly mindful and experience this rather than it being a philosophy.

Make huge shifts on an energetic level creating lasting change in your life with tangible results.

What is the identity and the ego and how to transcend or end the trans to really shift to a new level of consciousness. and so much more....

The transformation movement prerequisite free version available now.  Christy wants to really get to the core of what needs to shifts create the abundance and freedom living your authentic potential.

The transformation movement is starting 15th February 2018 first 20 people get 1.5-hour session 1 on 1 with Christy and 12 month VIP coaching and support.

  • Paid in Full

  • AUD385.00OTP
    • You’ll receive you’re 1.5-hour session with Christy
    • 12-month access to coaching sessions webinars the
    • first 20 people at this price so pre-purchase now.

  • Join after the 15 February and pay only $795.00 for the entire year

  • AUD795.00after the 15th February
    • You’ll go on the waitlist to receive you’re 1.5-hour session with Christy

You must complete the free version first, pay now to guarantee your place in the first 20.

Monthly Webinar Group Coaching

1 session with christy to create a detailed personal history 1.5 hours this cost 550.00 on its own. (As part of the package)

Get personal feedback from your coaching session online from Christy. Only the first 20 people will receive personal feedback from christy after the first 20 the feedback will come from a spirit rebels master practitioner. Downloadable meditations to go to sessions when appropriate!

Join the Spirit Rebels Online Coaching Tribe this is a different group than the spirit rebels online coaching tribe emails from Christy with weekly inspiration.

Access to member only section website with new information available to them each week.

We will post you some program content that you will need to complete the course.

End of program certificate.

If you would like to become a coach this course will give you their information you need to help you make your decision.

Your participation in the course will add towards your prior learning if you are training to become a coach this is a prerequisite.