More than half is always a dream you have to make it your Reality

your reality

A brand new year has kicked in and it is a brand new YOU! Imagine if you were able to keep your lessons, memories, and experiences from the past year and were able to release, and purify your energy, emotions, and your soul.

Imagine how light it may seem if you are able to let go of any excess baggage that you were always carrying (conscious and subconscious) and has always held you back. It is something that has always been there but you just do not know what it is.

All the stuff that has kept you from living your life as your full expression. The same stuff that has kept you from living the life that you have always dreamed of.

It is time to RESET your LIFE!

Clean up everything and reconnect with your source, Your TRUTH. Reconnect to a place where everything just flows.

A place where clarity and intuition are real. Where you just feel that you KNOW. All the feelings of not being enough are gone.

It is a feeling of being connected to the universe. It feels like the universe is talking to you…and more importantly through you.

It this resonates with you, I would like to invite you to join me and a selected group of teachers and other individuals to a journey where the only commitment is discovering and living the deepest truth.

About the Spirit Rebel journey…

Once you decide to join us, you will immediately begin a personal one-on-one e session with me. You will be given an in-depth questionnaire that will help reveal where you are in this journey and where you want to go. It also will let us know what the things that are standing your way are.

This process will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We’ll quickly get into the deep, life-transforming work, where you will start to experience the most profound shifts in your life.

The process is unique.

You will experience the most profound shifts in your life since we get right on to life-transforming activities.

This will give us the opportunity to personalize and tailor fit the upcoming 12-month coaching program specifically for you and your needs. This is a great way to get he most out of it.

Where the retreat will be held…

I have selected one of the most beautiful, energetically charged places in New South Wales for the retreat.

A mansion nestled in the Byron Bay area is the perfect place to wake up each day with solemnity. Here we will feel the positive energy of the breeze sweeping across the air. We wake up to the sound of birds, beautiful trees, and all of nature with its full-blown beauty.

The days will be filled with activities. You will be able to join small intimate group workshops, one-on-one sessions with me and other teachers, and of course, you will have your own personal time. You can contemplate, relax, and enjoy the energy of the universe all around you.

We have designed a combination of powerful techniques, fun, play and relaxation so to make your stay and experience absolutely amazing. You will make life-changing breakthroughs in your life while you are immersed in this retreat.

This brings us up to the retreat…

You will then move on to the retreat where you will join me and a selected group of healers and teachers for seven days and nights. These group of healers and teachers are all experts in their field.

Spend seven amazing days and nights with us immersed in pure healing energy, practising powerful techniques, and developing potent life rituals and experience this opportunity of a lifetime.

These rituals can be applied daily and you will experience a continuous shower of blessing long after the retreat is over.

Learn and experience directly from masters…

A group of amazing masters and teachers will join us and share their wisdom at the same time walk you through transformational techniques.


Spirit Rebels

Christy’s career spans over 20 years as a Personal and Spiritual Development seminar facilitator and Life coach. Christy’s life experience, education and wisdom beyond her years combined with all the latest techniques and strategies has helped people make life changing breakthroughs.

A typical day of the retreat will look like…

A typical day of the retreat will look like…

6 am Yoga and Mediation

7 am Breakfast

8 am Group Sessions (each day we’ll do a different session and group healing and clearing session with myself and other teachers)

9.30 am Debrief and question time

10 am Morning tea

10.30 Group education sessions

12 noon Lunch

1 pm Dream Time (Here you will spend the rest of the day relaxing, having private sessions, massages, etc)

3 pm Afternoon tea

6 pm Dinner

7 pm Campfire sessions (guitar, singing, chanting, drumming, talking and sharing)

Some of the Transformation Sessions include…

Some of the Transformation Sessions include

Rainforest Walks

Beach yoga meditation

Water rebirthing

Emotional Freedom Technique

Opening and closing ceremonies

Fire ceremonies

Ancient and modern healing and shamanic processes

Personal attention

Mandala painting and art journaling (where you will infuse your mandala with your personal vision and 7-year plan)

Spirit plan (Here you’ll develop a tangible implementation plan to ensure you feel healthier, happier and aligned with your authentic truth into the future)

Plus much more (that won’t be revealed until the retreat)

Not only will you be experiencing these powerful techniques at the retreat, you’ll be learning about the most potent ways to do them so that you can continue using them (and sharing with family and friends who are open to them) after the retreat and for years to come.