Success Stories

Success Stories

Wayne Mansfield

Business Educator, Social Media Marketing, Cold Calling Expert, Twitter Guru

June 23, 2013

Christy is one of the most positive people I have had pleasure of meeting.

At the time of our meeting Christy was the motivational force behind the company Success and You and I am positive that she influenced 100’s and possibly 1,000’s of lives for the good.

If you have a chance of talking or listening to Christy, can I suggest that you grab that opportunity with both hands and make the most of it.

Success in life is not about always winning…. it is about making the most of every circumstance, good, bad or indifferent… learning what you can from it and moving on. Christy has experienced the the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and every place in between, yet she continues to inspire me and 1,000’s of others… well done Christy!!

My new mantra is… Success belongs to those who learn, unlearn and then relearn… Christy thank you for doing all.

Jellaine Dee

4 September

Christy was a catalyst to my journey into personal development. Becuase of her seminars and coaching I have earned the life I always wished for. A wonderful husband. Beautiful daughter…successful multi million dollar business and a life of meaning and purpose. Thank you for the gift of your wisdom, guidance and love for people.

Your courses and seminars were my biggest investment and risk yet it has paid back ten folds in experiences, people, financially and my knowledge of over coming anything and manifesting everything I’ve ever wanted xxx

Alan Bowers

29 August

I first met Christy in 2006 where she decided I should first believe in her belief in me, until i could believe enough in myself. My life changed.

All inspiring, I’ve since witnessed her transform and inspire many lives from all walks of life. Words are not enough.

Creighton Divine

29 August

Christy has been an amazing coach and mentor through the years and I have been privileged to have had her there on my journey I highly recommend her and wish her the best for the future ahead she has a heart of gold and full of love.

Michael Adamedes

Owner, Inner Peace Mastery Pty Ltd and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

October 9, 2011

I have known and worked with Christy for over 12 years and she is a dynamic, enthusiastic and charismatic teacher and presenter.

She is a person who works from her heart and has helped to coach and transform the lives of thousands of people.

Blaze Bell

29 August

Christy was incredibly generous with her heart, time, and experience. She offered me invaluable information about power ways I can go with my coaching business.

She also helped me heal a past wound that had been holding me back. Thank you, Christy! You’re amazing!

Clement Victor Clarke

30 September

When I lived in Perth, I was lucky enough to get involved with “Success & You”, a weekend seminar run by Christy and her team. I was so impressed with the weekend that I went back a second time, and then a third time as “crew” and assisted with the third one.

One of the questions that came up was “What is your life purpose”, and as clear as a bell, it was that I was to assist women to save the world. And so I have been setting up various websites to help bring everyone closer.

The weekend seminars were fabulous, and anything that Christy does is bound to be EXCELLENT!

Bronwyn Grantham


November 13, 2014

Christy is intuitive and so focused on a better way of doing things that her light shines like a laser. Any experience of Christy, whether one to one or in a room with thousands of others, will leave you electrified and motivated.

She does things x 10 – even a meditation led by Christy will take you places in your own self you never knew possible.

She is a loving and loved human being, a bright treasure with a devastating talent for calling it how it is.